Organization of Seminars

Purdue University Model Theory and Applications Seminar

Organizer. Seminar established Spring Semester 2021.

Current Semester
Archive of Previous Semesters

Past Organization of Seminar Series

University of Konstanz, Germany

Model Theory Seminar
Winter Semester 2010-11 - Winter Semester 2016-17

Seminar Organizing Committee (with Arno Fehm and Salma Kuhlmann)

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, USA

Postdoctoral Seminar
Spring Semester 2014

Seminar Organizing Committee (with Cameron D. Hill (Wesleyan University, USA) and Vesna Stojanoska (MIT, USA))
During the Scientific Programs on 'Model Theory, Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory' and 'Algebraic Topology'

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