Midwest Numerical Analysis Day 2011

Department of Mathematics, Purdue University, May 7-8, 2011


The conference location is:

Lawson Building (Computer Science), Purdue University,
305 N. University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907. (MAP; JPG MAP)
(Free parking across street during the weekend)

Directions to the hotels:

by Air

  • A convenient option is to fly to the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) and take a shuttle bus straight to the Purdue at the airport Ground Transportation Center:
    1. Option one: Star of America. Here is the schedule. Phone: 1-800-228-0814. The ticket can be booked online. One way ticket $19. Credit card accepted. With free wireless on board.
    2. Option two: Layfayette Limo. Here is the schedule. Phone: 765-497-3828. The reservation can be made online. One way ticket $27, round trip $50. Cash only if pay on board.
  • From Chicago Airport (ORD) to Purdue: Air Coach.


by Car

  • From "South" to Purdue Union Club Hotel:
    1. Take I65-North, exit to St. Rd. 26-west;
    2. Drive a few miles on Rd. 26, across the Wabash river, go up the hill to Purdue University;
    3. Turn right onto Grant Street get in the left lane quickly because the Purdue Memorial Union is the first building on the left.
  • From "North" to Purdue Union Club Hotel:
    1. Take I65-South, exit to St. Rd. 43-South;
    2. Drive a few miles on Rd. 43 (which is also called River Road) and turn right at State Road 26 (also called "State Street");
    3. Go up the hill and turn right onto Grant Street (which is a one-way street) and get in the left lane quickly because the Purdue Memorial Union is the first building on the left.
  • Parking at Purdue Union Club Hotel:

When you arrive, you can park temporarily in the entrance drive to the Union Hotel while you check in. They will give you a parking voucher at the front desk and you can move your car across the street to the Grant Street parking garage.

  • From the Union Club Hotel to the Math Department:

Ask for a map at the front desk of the Union Hotel. Go out the front door of the Union Hotel on Grant Street and turn left. Walk up Grant Street and turn left on the first big sidewalk at the corner of the Union. You can now see the Math Building looming in the distance (200 yards away). The Math Building is a large, light red brick, plain looking, rectangular building which is the tallest building on campus. Take an elevator (on the left side of the building only !) to the 8-th floor.

  • If you drive and do not stay in the Union Club Hotel:
  1. Get to the Grant Street (as indicated in directions to the Union);
  2. Drive a few blocks and turn left to Northwest Avenue, the "visitor information center" is a few blocks away on your right;
  3. Turn right into the "visitor information center" and park temporarily on the right side (or anywhere else), buy a one-day permit at the counter and repark your car inside the garage;
  4. Go out of the parking garage, walk across the Northwest Ave, the MATH building (a rectangular 9 story building) is just a few blocks ahead;
  5. Take an elevator (on the left side of the math building) to the 8-th floor.
  • Maps and more information can be found at here.


Please contact the conference organizers for more information:

Jie Shen (Chair), Peijun Li, and Jianlin Xia at mwna@math.purdue.edu.