MA 35100, Spring 2010

Course Description

Credit Hours: 3.00. Systems of linear equations, finite dimensional vector spaces, matrices, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvector applications to analytical geometry. Not open to students with credit in MA 26500. Typically offered Fall Spring.

Instructor Info.

Section Room Time Instructor Office
MA 35100 001 REC 112 9:30am MWF Petrov, Peter MATH 626
MA 35100 002 REC 113 9:30am MWF Goins, Edray MATH 612
MA 35100 003 REC 123 10:30am MWF Kummini, Neelakandhan MATH 850
MA 35100 004 REC 225 1:30pm MWF Kummini, Neelakandhan MATH 850
MA 35100 005 REC 225 3:30pm MWF Goins, Edray MATH 612

Course Materials

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Important Notes

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