Department Directory


Name Office Phone E-mail
Buzzard, Gregery, Department Head 832 41908 buzzard
Stroud, Kristi, Administrative Assistant to the Head 832 41908 kstroud
McClure, James, Associate Head 836 41909 mcclurej
Mummert, Philip, Assistant Head 846 41914 pmummert
Naughton, Dominic, Director, Graduate Teaching Program 826 41906 dnaughto
Chen, Joe, Graduate Teaching Program Administrator 848 41978 chenjk
Morris, Julie, Administrative Assistant 820 45964 jmorris
Beranger, Kelly, Web Administrator 842 41912 beranger

Center for Computational and Applied Mathematics (CCAM)

Name Office Phone E-mail
Shen, Jie, Director 406 41923 shen
Gick, Betty, Secretary 419 41905 gickb

Main Office

Name Office Phone E-mail
Kepner, Terri, Secretary 835 41901 tkepner

Business Office

Name Office Phone E-mail
Schragg, Alicia, Business Manager 844 41913
Ponder, Shaun, Business Assistant 840 41911
Beyer, Stacey, Account Clerk 838 41910

Department Computer Systems

Name Office Phone E-mail
Flack, J. Chapman, Academic Site Specialist 805 44246 jflack
McGraw, Robert P., COS Unix Systems Administrator 807 46055 rmcgraw
Woenker, Matthew, COS Database and Web Administrator 813 49998 mwoenker

Graduate Office

Name Office Phone E-mail
Goldberg, David, Associate Head for Graduate Studies 628 41919 goldberg
Lank, Rebecca, Graduate Coordinator 632 41961
Chang, Shu-fang, Secretary 630 41982 sfchang

Undergraduate Services Office

Name Office Phone E-mail
Foster, Stephanie, Administrative Assistant 242 41991 foster80

Actuarial Programs

Name Office Phone E-mail
Penney, Richard, co-Director 822 41968 rcp
Beckley, Jeff, co-Director and Professional Actuary in Residence 818 40493 jbeckley
Ward, Mark Daniel, Associate Director 540 69563
Morris, Julie, Administrative Assistant 820 45964 jmorris

Mathematical Sciences Library

Name Office Phone E-mail
Ewing, Angela, Circulation Assistant 341 46636
Johnson, Nastasha E, Assistant Professor 350 44851
Mathematical Sciences Library Website

Undergraduate Math Counseling

See the College of Science Advising page for undergraduate advising information.