The exam information will be posted on this page.

Final Exam

Take-home exam. Comprehensive, will cover all material learned in class.

Deadline: Wed, May 4, 10:00am

Download here: [Final Exam]

The exam will be posted here on Fri, Apr 29, in the evening, and collected in MATH 610 at 10am on Wed, May 4. An envelope will be affixed to the door for early submissions.

Final Score

Two schemes for calculating your final score will be used: with or without Final Exam.

Scheme I = (3/11)ME1 + (3/11)ME2 + (3/11)FE + (2/11)HW
Scheme II = (3/8)ME1 + (3/8)ME2 + (1/4)HW

where FE, MEi, HW are the scores (in %) for Final Exam, Midterm Exam i, Homework, respectively.

You will have to email me by 5:30pm on Fri, Apr 29 to tell whether you will be completing the Final Exam (Scheme I will be used) or not (Scheme II will be used). If you do not contact me by then, your score will be calculated according to Scheme I.

Midterm Exam 2

Take-home exam. Deadline: 12:30pm on Fri, Apr 22

Download here: [Midterm Exam 2]

Midterm Exam 1

Take-home exam. Deadline: 12:30pm on Fri, Mar 11

Download here: [Midterm Exam 1]
Updated 2:50pm, 3/9/16: In Problem 3, corrected part (a), including the hint.
Updated 9:08pm, 3/7/16: In Problem 1, slightly edited the footnote with the definition of the contraction.

Note: You will need the password given in class to open this file.