Exam information will be posted on this page.

There will be two midterm exams (75 min, in class or evening) and a comprehensive final exam (2 hrs, covering all material). The exact times and place will be specified due course.

Midterm Exam 1

Time and Place: Thur, Feb 22, in class 12:00–1:15pm (Sec 053) and 1:30–2:45pm (Sec 081) in REC 114.

  • Covering Lessons 1–16 [BDP, §§ 1.1–1.3, 2.1–2.7, 3.1–3.4.]
  • Closed book/ closed notes exam. No calculators or other electronic devices are allowed.
  • Multiple-choice exam.
  • We will have a review on Tue, Feb 20, in class.

[Practice Problems]