Computational and Applied Mathematics Seminar

Center for Computational and Applied Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Purdue University

Fridays, 3:30-4:30 PM, REC 307 (unless specified otherwise)

Spring 2012





02/03/12 (Co-listed with CS&E/CLS seminar) William Rundell
Texas A&M University
The reconstruction of extended sources and inclusions using equivalent point sources P. Li
02/24/12 Gao-Feng Zheng
Central China Normal University and Purdue University
Some blow-up problems for a semilinear parabolic problem J. Shen
03/02/12 (Co-listed with CS&E/CLS seminar) Xiaofeng Yang
University of South Carolina
Energy stable schemes and numerical simulations of two phase complex fluids by the phase-field method J. Shen
03/09/12 (11:30AM at BRNG B206) Haoming Zhou
Georgia Tech
An efficient method for the shortest path problem based on inital value ODEs and intermittent diffusion P. Li
03/22/12 (4:30PM at BRNG 1245) Angela Kunoth
University of Paderborn, Germany
Optimal Wavelet Solvers for Control Problems Constrained by Evolution PDEs B. Lucier
03/23/12 (11:30AM at BRNG B206) Zhaojun Bai
University of California at Davis
Minimization principles of linear response eigenvalue problems J. Xia
03/23/12 (Co-listed with CS&E/CLS seminar) Aihua Wood
Air Force Institute of Technology
Topics on electromagnetic scattering from cavities P. Li
03/30/12 (11:30AM at BRNG B206) Karl Glasner
University of Arizona
Localized domain patterns in complex polymers A. Yip
04/05/12 (3:30PM at BRNG B254) Raymond Chan
Chinese University of Hong Kong
A Unified Tight-frame Approach for Missing Data Recovery in Images J. Xia
04/06/12 Erika Camacho
Arizona State University
Tracing the Progression of Retinitis Pigmentosa via Photoreceptor Interactions E. Goins
04/20/12 Victor Pan
City University of New York
Randomized Numerical Matrix Computations with Applications J. Xia

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*Starred entries indicate dates that are tentatively booked but might be rescheduled if necessary.

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