The schedules above list only those classes offered in the specified semester.  Descriptions of all Mathematics courses can be found at Purdue's Course Catalog.  The catalog entries for a given semester list all courses that could possibly be offered by the department in that semester; not all of these are actually offered in that semester.  

The directory below lists courses currently offered by the Department of Mathematics.

Summer 2019

Course Title
MA 13900 Mathematics For Elementary Teachers III
MA 15300Y Algebra And Trigonometry I
MA 15555 Quantitative Reasoning
MA 15800 Precalculus - Functions And Trigonometry
MA 16010 Applied Calculus I
MA 16020 Applied Calculus II
MA 16100 Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus I
MA 16200 Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus II
MA 26100 Multivariate Calculus
MA 26200 Linear Algebra And Differential Equations
MA 26500 Linear Algebra
MA 26600 Ordinary Differential Equations
MA 30300 Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the Sciences
MA 34100 Foundations Of Analysis
MA 35100 Elementary Linear Algebra
MA 38600 Professional Practicum IV
MA 41600 Probability
MA 48700 Professional Practicum V
MA 49000 Topics In Mathematics For Undergraduates
MA 51100 Linear Algebra With Applications
MA 52700 Advanced Mathematics For Engineers And Physicists I
MA 59800 Topics In Mathematics
MA 69900 Research PhD Thesis