Ning Wei will join as a new tenure-track assistant professor


Ning Wei will join the Department of Mathematics as a new tenure-track assistant professor in August 2020. She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Yoichiro Mori and Prof Alena Talkachova at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. From 2016-2018, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Duke University and then served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Purdue University from 2018-2020. 

Prof Wei’s research is mainly concerned with cardiac physiology, renal physiology and peripheral circadian clock. She specializes in developing and applying numerical and analytical techniques to study different models, which are primarily related to ventricular arrhythmias, circadian modulation of ventricular arrhythmias and ionic transport in kidney.  She also seeks collaborations with experimentalists to test the models and results against biological experiments. She is very excited to discuss mathematics with students and faculty.