Course Info

Instructor: Arshak Petrosyan
Office Hours: MWF 9:30-10:20, or by appointment, in MATH 610

Time and Place:
MA34100-041: MWF 11:30-12:20 in UNIV 017
MA34100-051: MWF 12:30-1:20 in UNIV 017

Textbook: [BS] Bartle and Sherbert, Introduction to Real Analysis, 4th edition

Description: An introductory course in rigorous analysis, covering real numbers, sequences, series, continuous functions, differentiation, and Riemann integration. This corresponds to Chapters 2–7 in the textbook.

Homework: Assignments will be collected weekly on Wednesdays (with some exceptions), at the beginning of class. No late homeworks will be accepted. The problem numbers will be posted on this website at least one week prior to the due date.

Exams: There well be two midterm exams (evening exams) and a comprehensive final exam (covering all material). The exact time and place will be specified at least two weeks in advance.