Final Score Schemes

  • Your final score is going to be calculated by the following scheme:

    Scheme I = (1/3) FE + (7/30) ME1+ (7/30) ME2 + (1/5) HW

    where FE, MEi, HW are the scores (in %) for Final Exam, Midterm i, Homework.

  • If you scored above the average on each of the Midterm Exams, that is

    if ME1 >= 39 and ME2 >= 52

    then you will be allowed not to take the final exam and in that case your score will be calculated by the scheme

    Scheme II = (3/8) ME1 + (3/8) ME2 + (1/4) HW

Note: If you qualify and decide to opt out from taking the final exam, you have to notify me by email by 5pm on Fri, Apr 26.