Irena Swanson

Irena Swanson's not-quite research

  1. Perspective drawing of boxes, was preprint, 1997, but I need to update it as I can do it better now. Hold on.
  2. Polarization of (generalized) monomial ideals, work in progress.
  3. Folding of a dodecahedron, with help from Ezra Miller
  4. What makes a good talk, in my opinion
  5. My lecture notes for the School on Local Rings and Local Study of Algebraic Varieties, ICTP, Trieste 31 May--4 June 2010 in pdf format: Integral closure of ideals and rings (pdf). This school and conference was in honor of Tito Valla, and click here (pdf) for the song/poem in his honor that we sang at the end of my last talk. This is approximately (mp3) what the singing should have been like. The whistling accompaniment is by Adam Boocher.
  6. An article on mathematics and quilting (first three sections only), in particular, on piecing semiregular tessellations. Semiregular tessellations are explained at a high-school level, some results are proved, some mathematical activities are proposed for learners of less and more advanced levels, and then quick and new piecing methods are developed for making quilts. This is now a chapter in the book Crafting by Concepts (link to A K Peters), edited by sarah-marie belcastro and Carolyn Yackel and published by A K Peters in 2011.