Kiril Datchev

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Purdue University
150 North University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067
Office: 602 Mathematical Sciences Building

I am co-organizing an Analysis and PDE Conference in Paris-Saclay, in honor of my PhD advisor Maciej Zworski, to be held on May 27th to 31st, 2024.


In Fall 2024, I am teaching MA 425/525 Elements of Complex Analysis.

PhD Student

I have advised one PhD student, Jacob Shapiro, who graduated in 2018.



Introduction to density functional theory

How much detail should go into a proof?

Past Events

Midwestern Microlocal Meetings have been held at Northwestern in May 2023 and May 2015, and at Purdue in March 2019 and May 2017.

The meeting in March 2019 was a special one in honor of Plamen Stefanov.

I also co-organized a semester program in microlocal analysis at MSRI in Fall 2019.

Past Courses

MA 442 Honors Real Analysis II
MA 495/595 Partial Differential Equations
MA 425/525 Elements of Complex Analysis
MA 530 Complex Analysis
MA 504 Real Analysis
MA 562 Introduction to Differential Geometry and Topology
MA 598 Wave Equations
MA 341 Foundations of Analysis
Scattering Theory, taught as part of this Microlocal Analysis Summer School.
MA 428 Introduction to Fourier Analysis
MA 510 Vector Calculus
MA 366 Ordinary Differential Equations
MA 527 Advanced Mathematics For Engineers And Physicists I
MA 362 Vector Calculus
MA 265 Linear Algebra
18.104 Seminar in Analysis: Distribution Theory
18.100B Real Analysis