Wabash Modern Analysis Seminar

   The Wabash Extramural Modern Analysis Seminar meets four or five times each year on Saturday afternoon at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana for conversation and two talks on analysis. Also, each fall, the Seminar holds a weekend miniconference in the area. The Seminar is organized by Hari Bercovici and David Fisher (Indiana University); Florin Boca and Zhong-Jin Ruan, (University of Illinois); Marius Dadarlat and Thomas Sinclair (Purdue University); and Ron Ji and Daniel Ramras (IUPUI); and is hosted by Esteban Poffald (Wabash College). The events already scheduled are listed below. To receive announcements about the Miniconferences and the regular seminars, send email to mdd@purdue.edu

Regular Seminars at Wabash College

Annual mini-conferences at IUPUI