Deepam Patel
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Office: Math 606
E-mail: patel471 "at" purdue "dot" edu
Phone: 765-494-1966

Teaching (Spring 2024):

MA166: Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2
Note: All course related content will be available via the Brightspace page for this course.

Research: I'm mostly interested in algebraic geometry/number theory. More recently, I've become interested in some aspects of model theory and logic. You can find more information and some papers/preprints here.

Algebraic Geometry Seminar: see here for more information.

Learning Seminar:

Most semesters, I and some members of the algebraic geometry/number theory group organize some sort of learning seminar.

Spring 2024: TBA

Fall 2021: We (Tong Liu, Dan Le, Shiang Tang) organized a learning seminar on Mazur's Eisenstein Ideal Paper, see here for more information.

Upcoming Talks/Travel:

April 8: IAS/Princeton Arithmetic Geometry Seminar (Princeton)

April 22: Algebraic Geometry Seminar (UC Berkeley)

June 3-13: Regulator V (University of Pisa)

Past Talks/Travel

August 7-12: K-theory, Algebraic Cycles, and Mathematical Physics (Ohio State University)

September 25-29:
Birationality in complex and symplectic geometries (UQAM, Montreal)

October 10: Algebraic Geometry Seminar (University of Washington)

November 29: Algebra Seminar (Rutgers University)

December 1: Automorphic Forms and Number Theory Seminar (Columbia University)