Learning Seminar on Mazur's Eisenstein ideal paper
Fall 2021

Basic information

Organizers: Daniel Le, Tong Liu, Shiang Tang, Deepam Patel

Class number for registration: MA 59800 SME (CRN 28782)

First Talk Thursday 3-4 via Zoom, 9-10:20 am after the first talk

Zoom info:

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Meeting ID: 942 4920 6982 Passcode: 07454x

where x = the square of the second prime (the first odd prime).


Dec. 9th Tong Liu will talk to (hopefully) complete the proof of Mazur's theorem ( Note )

Dec. 2nd Shuddhodan Kadattur Will talk on Lecture 19: J_0(N) mod N ( Note ).

Nov. 18th Daniel Le will give lecture on Lecture 18: Criterion for non-existence of torsion points. The online note is ( here ).

Nov. 11th Shiang Tang Will talk on Lecture 17: Eichler–Shimura.

Nov. 10th Chi-Heng Lo's lecture ( Note )

Oct. 27th Yifu Wang's lecture ( Note ).

Sept 23rd Coupek's letcure ( Note ) on group schemes

Sept. 16th We will extend seminar time from 9am -10:20 am. The next speaker will be Pavel Coupek on Group schemes at Sept 23rd.

Sept. 9th Joseph Knight will give second talk.( Note )

Sept. 2nd: No talk today.

Aug. 26th: Tong Liu will give the first talk ( Note ).

Aug 29th Here is a tentative schedule for talks:

1+2 (1 lecture) (Tong Liu)

3+4+10 minus Mordell--Weil, Abelian varieties (2 lectures) (Patel ? + Knight)

5+6+7, Group schemes (2 lectures) (Coupek)

8+9, Integral models (1 lecture) (Hokaj)

11+Mordell--Weil, Rational points on abelian varieties (1 lecture) (Wang)

12+14+15, Modular curves (2 lectures) (Lo)

13+16+17, Modular forms (2 lectures) (open)

Resources and useful links:


A course on Mazur's paper by Andrew Snowden

Why is the Eisenstein ideal paper so great?

Aug. 20th, 2021