Anurag Sahay

At the IITK Convocation, 2016 

Welcome to my academic webpage.

I am (as of June, 2024) a Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor\({}^\dagger\) in the Department of Mathematics, Purdue University, mentored by Trevor Wooley. From 2018 to 2023, I was a graduate student of Steve Gonek at the University of Rochester.

My office is MATH 445 at the West Lafayette campus. Other links:

I co-organize the PANTHA seminar at Purdue. In the past, I organized the graduate seminar of the NSF FRG on averages of \(L\)-functions and arithmetic stratification. Please see the seminar webpages for more information.

(\(\dagger\) - for those unfamiliar with this idiosyncratic nomenclature in American math departments, this is a postdoctoral position)

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