MA 22400, Summer 2006

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Credit Hours: 3.00. Integral calculus; partial derivatives; differentials; introduction to differential equations. Applications to management and economics. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.

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MA 224 0101 EE 129 11:30am MWF Borneman, Joshua MATH G142
MA 224 0201 EE 129 11:30am MWF Karru, Ratnakar MATH 739
MA 224 0301 EE 129 11:30am MWF Davis, Owen MATH 908
MA 224 0401 EE 129 11:30am MWF Davis, Owen MATH 908
MA 224 0501 EE 129 11:30am MWF Al-Kheder, Sharaf MATH G144

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