MA 15200, Spring 2012

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Credit Hours: 3.00. This is a course in college algebra for students who do not need the technical skills required for those who are planning to continue with calculus. There will be an emphasis on applied problems and graphing techniques. Topics covered: real numbers, linear functions, solving linear equations and systems of linear equations, absolute value equations and inequalities, rational expressions, complex numbers, proportions, solving quadratic equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, circle and parabola equations, and the mathematics of finance including compound interest and annuities. Students receiving and "A" or "B" in MA 152 may continue with MA 154. Prerequisite: demonstrated competence in intermediate algebra. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.

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MA 15200 001 REC 307 7:30am MWF Lau, Joel MATH 741
MA 15200 011 REC 307 8:30am MWF Lau, Joel MATH 741
MA 15200 051 MSEE B010 12:30pm MWF Chagdes, James MATH 741
MA 15200 061 MSEE B010 1:30pm MWF Chagdes, James MATH 741
MA 15200 071 REC 112 2:30pm MWF Bailey, Charlotte MATH 802

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