Course Info

Time and Place: MWF 11:30–12:20 in UNIV 303

Instructor: Arshak Petrosyan
Office Hours: MWF 10:30–11:30, or by appointment, in MATH 610

Textbook: [B] R. Bartle, The Elements of Real Analysis, Second Edition, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1975.

Course Outline:

  • The algebraic, ordering, and completeness properties of the real numbers. (3 hrs.)
  • Topology of Rp. (5 hrs.)
  • Sequences in Rp. Convergence and Uniform convergence. Lim Sup and Lim Inf. (5 hrs.)
  • Continuous and uniformly continuous functions. sequences of continuous functions. Approximation Theorems. (7 hrs.)
  • Differentiation. Mean Value and Taylors Theorem. (3 hrs.)
  • The Riemann (Riemann-Stieltjes) Integral. Improper Integrals. (6 hrs.)
  • Infinite Series of constant and functions. Absolute and Uniform Convergence. Weierstrass M-Test; Dirichlet and Abel Test. Power Series. Double Series and the Cauchy Product. (8 hrs.)
  • Selected Applications of Basic Material (8 hrs.)
    • a) Fourier Series
    • b) Stone-Weierstrass Theorem
    • c) Existence and Uniqueness Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations

    (Time should permit to do two of the above applications).

Homework: Homework will be collected weekly on Wednesdays (with some exceptions), at the beginning of class. No late homeworks will be accepted, however the lowest homework score will be dropped. The assignments will be posted on the Homework page at least one week prior to the due date.

Exams: There well be two midterm exams (evening exams) and a comprehensive final exam (covering all material). The exact time and place will be specified at least two weeks in advance.

Grading: Your final grade will be computed by the scheme

Final Score = (1/3) FE + (7/30) ME1+ (7/30) ME2+(1/5) HW,

where where FE, MEi, HW are the scores (in %) for Final Exam, Midterm i, Homework.
Note: If you perform better than average on both midterm exams, you will be given an option of not taking the final exam and your score will be computed by an alternative scheme (to be specified towards the end of the course).

Academic Dishonesty: As a reminder, all students must comply with Purdue’s policy for academic dishonesty:

Students with Disabilities: If you have a disability that requires special academic accommodation, please make an appointment to speak with me within the first three (3) weeks of the semester in order to discuss any adjustments. It is important that we talk about this at the beginning of the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Disability Resource Center ( of an impairment/condition that may require accommodations and/or classroom modifications.

Emergencies: In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances beyond the instructor’s control. Relevant changes to this course will be posted onto the course website or can be obtained by contacting the instructor via email or phone. You are expected to read your email on a frequent basis.