Final Score Schemes

  • Your final score is going to be calculated by the following scheme:

    Scheme I = (1/3) FE + (7/30) ME1+ (7/30) ME2 + (1/5) HW

    where FE, MEi, HW are the scores (in %) for Final Exam, Midterm i, Homework.

  • If you scored above the average on each of the Midterm Exams, that is

    if ME1 >= 41 and ME2 >= 53

    then you will be allowed not to take the final exam and in that case your score will be calculated by the scheme

    Scheme II = (3/8) ME1 + (3/8) ME2 + (1/4) HW

Note: If you qualify and decide to opt out from taking the final exam, you have to notify me by email by 5pm on Fri, Dec 6. If you fail to do so, you score will be computed by Scheme I.