Homework will be collected weekly on Wednesdays (with some exceptions), at the beginning of class. No late homeworks will be accepted. The assignments will be posted here at least one week prior to the due date.

All problems are from [B]

(solutions files were intentionally removed)

  1. (Will not be collected): 35.D(d,e,f), 35.I*, 35.J*, 36.A, 36.B, 37.B, 37.G, 37.H(c,e,f)
    *Statements in these problems were shown in class.
  2. Due Fri, Nov 15: 30.F, 31.D, 31.F, 31.K, 34.H, 34.K, 34.N
    Assignment 9 Solutions
  3. Due Fri, Nov 8:  28.B, 28.K, 28.O, 29.E, 29.M, 29.S, 30.A, 30.D
    Assignment 8 Solutions
  4. Due Wed, Oct 30: 24.C, 24.D, 24.E(a,d,e), 24.N, 25.A(c,d), 25.V, 27.D, 27.H
    Assignment 7 Solutions
  5. Due Mon, Oct 21: 20.P, 22.D, 22.F, 22.R, 22.S, 23.G, 23.J
    Assignment 6 Solutions
  6. Due Fri, Oct 11:16.A, 16.I, 16.P, 18.B, 18.F, 20.G, [20.P -This problem is postponed]
    Assignment 5 Solutions
  7. Due Fri, Sep 27: 12.A, 12.C, 12.F, 14.D, 14.O, 15.L, 15.N
    Assignment 4 Solutions
  8. Due Wed, Sep 18: 9.L, 9.Q(a,b,c,d), 10.C, 10.F, 11.A, 11.C, 11.K
    Assignment 3 Solutions
  9. Due Mon, Sep 9: 7.G, 7.J, 8.F, 8.G, 8.M, 8.Q, 9.G
    Assignment 2 Solutions
  10. Due Wed, Aug 28: 4.H, 5.A, 5.C, 5.O, 6.D, 6.G, 6.H
    Note: Problem 5.O has a mistake in it. Correct it and solve it.
    Assignment 1 Solutions