Books and Papers N. Abel Oeuvres completes,
N. I. Akhiezer, Lectures on approximation theory (Russian, djvu)
N. I. Akhiezer On the spectral theory of Lame's equation (Russian, pdf).
S. Bernstein, Extremal propertires of polynomials (Russian, 1937).
A. Beurling (1), L. Ehrenpreis (62), Hormander (81), J-P. Kahane (178), P. Malliavin (187) Stanford Summer School, 1961.
A. Bloch Selected papers of Andre Bloch.
P. L. Chebyshev, Complete works, vol. 1 vol. 2 (French, djvu)
Euler's papers in English and Latin
P. Fatou, Sur les equations fonctionnelles, 1-re memoire: pdf djvu 2-me memoire: pdf djvu 3-me memoire: pdf djvu
P. Fatou, Notice sur les travaux scientifiques, 1929 pdf, J. Chazy Pierre Fatou
J. Fourier, Analyse des equations determinees
A. A. Goldberg and I. V. Ostrovskii, Distribution of values of meromorphic functions (djvu in Russian) Moscow, "Nauka", 1970.
A. A. Goldberg, Some asymptotic properties of meromorphic functions, 1956 (English translation)
H. Habsch, Die Theorie der Grundkurven und Aquivalenzproblem bei der Darstellung Riemannscher Flachen.
Ch. Hermite, Oeuvres, vol. 3
D. Hilbert, Collected papers, vol. II (Russian djvu)
A. Hurwitz, Uber die Anwendung der elliptischen Modulfunktionen auf einen Satz der allgemeinen Funktionentheorie.
W. Ihlenburg's thesis Ueber die geometrischen Eigenschaften der Kreisbogenvierecke, Pictures, Paper models by Ihlenburg photoraphed by N. Parfyonova in Khrakiv University, Table of contents, Resume.
F. Klein's 1905 lectures (In English!) German originals and more
Kotelnikov On the transmission capacity of the ether and of cables in electrical communications (1933). English pdf.
Krylov-Bogolyiubov Introduction a la mecanique non-lineaire (Russian, djvu).
Laguerre Oeuvres de Laguerre, tome I
Landau-Lifshitz, Quantum mechanics: non relativistic, in Russian.
M. A. Lavrentjev, Selected papers (in Russian, djvu).
I. Mihailova, Theory of J-expanding matrix functions with applications to inverse problems, thesis (in Russian, pdf. Thanks to Lenia Golinskii who preserved this).
P. J. Myrberg, Uber Systeme analytischer Funktionen, welche ein Additionstheorem besitzen Preisschriften
gekront und herausgegebenen von der Furstlich Jablonowskischen Gesellschaft zu Leipzig, Teubner, Leipzig, 1922.
Newton's Mathematical papers (in Russian) djvu.
V. I. Smirnov's 1918 master thesis (Russian, djvu).
B. Riemann, Collected papers (Russian djvu) English translation is available from Kendrick Press.
E. Shchepin, On Euler footsteps . Uppsala lectures on Calculus.
A. Sommerfeld, Atomic structure and spectral lines Vol. 1, Vol. 2 (Russian djvu).
L. I. Volkovyski's 1949 doctor thesis