Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Documents and resources

Here are some resources in PDF files.

To learn how to program in this style, work through the first two chapters of The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs or use other resources to learn Scheme on my home page.

To use Gambit have /pkgs/Gambit-C/current/bin/ in your path. The regular Gambit interpreter and compiler are called gsi and gsc; the versions of the Gambit interpreter and compiler that have Meroon preloaded are called gsi++ and gsc++.

There are sources for various software packages. I've put together a separate software installation page with some notes about how to install them yourself if you want. (But, PLEASE, read some documentation, README files, etc., to learn a bit about it on your own.)

Project suggestions

I've collected some suggestions for projects. You don't need to choose a project from this list, you can choose any other project with my approval. You will need to choose a project soon after spring break. If we haven't yet covered a project on this list yet (for parabolic problems, hyperbolic problems, etc.) then look in the textbook to see what these problems are like and decide whether you'd like to work on them.

Exercises and notes