Suchuan (Steven) Dong

Center for Computational and Applied Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Phone: 765-496-3875


About Me



Spring 2018:
[MA30300] Differential equations and partial differential equations

Academic Background

  • Post-Doc, Applied Mathematics, Brown University, 2004.
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2001.
  • M.S., Physics, Zhejiang University (China), 1995.
  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering, National University of Defense Technology (China), 1992.


  • High-order methods and temporal algorithms for simulations of fluids- and solids-related phenomena.
  • Interfaces, free surfaces, and contact line dynamics.
  • Turbulent pattern formation.
  • Bio-fluids and bio-structural simulations.
  • Flow-structure interaction.
  • Turbulence at high Reynolds numbers in complex geometries.
  • High performance computing.

Representative Publications

  1. S. Dong. Wall-bounded multiphase flows of N immiscible incompressible fluids: consistency and contact-angle boundary condition. Journal of Computational Physics, 338, 21-67, 2017. [PDF]
  2. S. Dong & X. Wang. A rotational pressure-correction scheme for incompressible two-phase flows with open boundaries. PLOS One, 11(5), e0154565, 2016. [PDF]
  3. S. Dong. A convective-like energy-stable open boundary condition for simulations of incompressible flows. Journal of Computational Physics, 302, 300-328, 2015. [PDF]
  4. S. Dong. An efficient algorithm for incompressible N-phase flows. Journal of Computational Physics, 276, 691-728, 2014. [PDF]
  5. S. Dong. An outflow boundary condition and algorithm for incompressible two-phase flows with phase field approach. Journal of Computational Physics, 266, 47-73, 2014. [PDF]

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