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Grad Staff Member Celebrates 30 Years in Department

In July 1967, a brand new job description was written to create a position in the Mathematics Department " to serve as secretary to Professors M.S. Webster, Robert E. Zink, and Meyer Jerison, administrators of the graduate student program in Mathematics and receptionist for the 6th floor of the new Division of Mathematical Sciences Building. " The position was filled, but in June 1968 the department was faced with finding a replacement for the first incumbent, who resigned after less than a year on the job.

Fortunately, a few weeks earlier Nancy Fisher's Lafayette Jefferson High School typing class had made the rounds of potential employers in the Lafayette area, including Purdue University; the students visited with personnel office officials and filled out job applications. So when Nancy received a phone call from Purdue just days before graduation, she was prepared to interview and go to work. Prof. Webster was so impressed with Nancy that he offered her the job and asked her to begin training for the position immediately prior to her high school commencement!

The rest is history . . . Nancy Fisher Eberle recently celebrated her 30th anniversary with Purdue University and the Department of Mathematics. Through the years, Nancy has taken on many tasks previously performed by faculty members. As Graduate Office Coordinator, Nancy has full responsibility for the overall management and operation of the graduate office and is solely responsible for the implementation of the policies and procedures of the Graduate School. She acts as the department's graduate admissions and registration official and serves as counselor to graduate students and faculty.

To mark Nancy's many years of excellent and dedicated service, we celebrated with a reception in the Math Library lounge on February 17. Nancy's offical gift from the department was a Purdue rocker, though we don't expect her to use it much as she is far too young to spend time in a rocking chair!