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Prof. Kenji Matsuki

Math Club
by Kenji Matsuki, faculty advisor

We are happy and proud to report that at the annual Indiana meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), held in March at Bloomington, one of the teams from Purdue won first place in the Indiana Collegiate Math Competition. James Lee, Thomas Horine, and Keith Henderson were the winners among 33 competing teams from all over the state (including four other teams from Purdue). This is the first time Purdue has won in the last ten years (Rose-Hulman has traditionally dominated the event). Freshman Eric Tkaczyk organized the training sessions for the competition, and the success of the team owes a lot to him! In addition to the competition, the students enjoyed several interesting talks given at the meeting, ranging from "Jungles of Randomness" to "Game Theory" to "Chaos," together with banquets supported by the Math Department.

Math Club officers Charlotte Corson, President, Jenny King, Vice-President, and Eric Tkaczyk (President-elect) helped the Math Club organize a series of easy-to-understand, stimulating lectures during the year. The lectures were given by Purdue faculty members:

Johnny Brown
How to relocate the positions of cities just by knowing the distance between each pair.

Carl Cowen
RSA Cryptography

David Drasin
Non-Euclidean Geometry

Andrei Gabrielov

Brad Lucier
Image Compression

Sam Wagstaff (CS)
Large Primes and Cryptography

Clarence Wilkerson
Group Theory