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1998-1999 Undergraduate Awards

Mathematics Department student awards were formally presented in the Math Library lounge on April 27. School of Science Dean Harry Morrison was on hand to assist with the presentations. Refreshments were served immediately following the ceremony, which was well-attended by faculty and students. Funding for student awards and scholarships is made possible through gifts from alumni and friends who target their contributions to departmental scholarship and award funds.

Mathematics Awards
Eugene V. Schenkman Memorial Award ($750)
Most Outstanding Algebra Student
Tze Chao Ng
Glen E. Baxter Memorial Award ($500)
Outstanding Junior Mathematics Students
Thomas Horine
Justin Kindy
Michael Golomb Math Award ($750)
Outstanding Undergraduate Mathematics Student
Thomas Horine
Gerald R. MacLane Memorial Award ($500)
Outstanding Graduate Mathematics Student
Mark Rogers
Merrill E. Shanks Memorial Award ($300)
Outstanding Undergraduate Math Education Students
Amber Mahoney
Sheri Thurmond
Senior Achievement Award ($500)
Outstanding Graduating Seniors
Peter Duselis
Andrew Mathis
Nathaniel Stohler

Mathematics Scholarships
Mark Hoppy Memorial Scholar ($1000) Michael Heimlich
Meyer Jerison Scholars ($1250) Jeffrey Felling
Joshua Walker
Virginia Mashin Scholars ($1000-1500) Lauren Coleman
Amber Mahoney
Andris A. Zoltners Scholar (in-state tuition) Emily Chamberlain
Arthur Rosenthal Scholars ($750-$1500)
Alexander Boquist
Lauren Coleman
Jason Dietz
Matthew Dorbin
Kevin Driver
Jeffrey Felling
Jill Fitzpatrick
Danielle Hedegard
Michael Heimlich
Steven Heinold
Yu Hin Eric Ho
James Lee
Robert Lewis
Ann McLaren
Mark Mishler
Kyla O'Rourke
Julie Schwartz
Michael Swisher
Brandon Zerbe

School of Science Student Awards
School of Science Outstanding Senior in Mathematics ($50) Tze Chao Ng
Outstanding Achievement Award ($500) John Koelling
Goldwater Scholarship ($7500) Thomas Horine

Putnam Team
  Thomas Horine
James Lee
Tze Chao Ng

Problem of the Week
First Prize Award ($150) James Lee

Actuary Awards
Lincoln Scholarship ($2500) Brian Carteaux
Patrick Shiu-Fai So
CIGNA Scholarship ($750) James Eubank
John Koelling
Jacqueline Krausman
Anthony Stevens
Lincoln Actuarial Achievement ($500) Damon Andres
Yu Hin Eric Ho
Evi Horia
Dwane Johnson
Mathieu Kouame
Matthew Pilkey
Actuarial Alumni ($300) Mark Mishler
Jennifer Rosemary
Kaitlin Sprunger
CIGNA Exam Award ($150) Patrick Shiu-Fai So