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Ordinary differential equations
MA 266
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Differential equations are both challenging objects at a mathematical level and crucial in many ways for engineers. This course presents basic methods and theoretical results allowing to solve the most common differential equations. An introduction to numerical methods is also provided. Specifically, the main chapters covered in this course will be:
  1. Introduction.
  2. First order equations.
  3. Second order equations.
  4. Higher order equations.
  5. Laplace transform.
  6. Systems of differential equations.
  7. Numerical methods.
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  1. W. Boyce, R. Di Prima: Elementary differential equations and boundary value problems. 10th edition. Wiley, 2012.
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Important link
Please consult the course webpage.
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We will follow an assignment sheet, and the homework will be assigned through WebAssign.
About WebAssign: here are some introductory slides. You can access the system by clicking here.
Note: WebAssign does not allow late homework.
Don't forget the hand-graded problems and the supplementary problems (numbered A, B, etc).
Both web and hand-graded problems usually due on Thursday at 1:15pm.
Late HW = 50% of the grade (only for hand-graded). I cannot accept late homeworks after the graded HW are returned to students.
Mailbox in Math 419, underneath my name.
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There are two Midterms, both multiple choice:
  1. Date: February 23rd, 6:30pm, ME1061.
    Program: introduction, first order and second order (sections 1 to 3) differential equations.
  2. Date: March 30th, 6:30pm, ME1061.
    Program: second order and higher order differential equations, some Laplace transforms.
This is a study guide for Midterm 1, courtesy of Dan Phillips.
These are some practice problems for both midterms, with answers.
Here is a link to a previous midterm 1 exam (includes correction).
Here is a link to a previous midterm 2 exam (includes correction).
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Final exam
Date: During the Finals week (5/1-5/6). Type: multiple choice.
Past exams are available on this webpage.
In order to prepare the final, here is a link to some review problems, together with their corrections.
Thanks for your feedback on possible typos.
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Office hours
Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm & Thursday 3-4pm, in Math 434.
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