Greg Buzzard: Software


A tutorial on CT reconstruction using high dynamic range images and a realistic noise model:
  CT Tutorial

An information guide for using Purdue's compute clusters:
  Cluster Guide

Sensitivity Analysis

Code for Sobol' sensitivity analysis using methods of sparse grid interpolation:
This zip file includes zpinterp_v5.1.1, which was developed by Andreas Klimke (further details and attribution are included in the files).

The methods for sensitivity analysis are described further in

  • Buzzard, G.T., Global sensitivity analysis using sparse grid interpolation and polynomial chaos, Reliability Eng. and Sys. Safety, 107 (SAMO 2010); 82-89, 2012.
  • Buzzard, G.T., Efficient basis change for sparse-grid interpolating polynomials with application to T-cell sensitivity analysis, Computational Biology Journal, Article ID 562767, 10 pages, 2013. doi:

Optimal Binary Filter Design

Please email me (buzzard at purdue dot edu) to obtain software for finding optimal binary filters, as described in

  • D.S. Wilcox, et al., Photon level chemical classification using digital compressive detection, Anal. Chim. Acta (2012),
  • Wilcox, D.S., Buzzard, G.T., Lucier, B.J., Rehrauer, O.G, Wang, P., and Ben-Amotz, D., Digital Compressive Chemical Quantitation and Hyperspectral Imaging, Royal Society Chem, Analyst, 138(17); 4982-4990, 2013.