Mathematics K-12 Outreach


The K-12 Outreach program at Purdue University is part of the Purdue College of Science's effort to increase interest and achievement in mathematics and science at all pre-college levels in Indiana.  The mission of Mathematics K-12 Outreach is to:

  • Promote involvement in mathematics and science among Indiana high school students.
  • Collaborate with Indiana's teachers to improve the teaching and learning of K-12 mathematics and science.
  • Increase the recruitment and retention rates of all students in the Department of Mathematics and the College of Science at Purdue.

In our commitment to this mission, Mathematics K-12 Outreach seeks to:

  • Increase student interest and involvement in mathematics and science activities.
  • Demonstrate how the use of technology and hands-on activities can enhance instruction and learning.
  • Enlighten K-12 teachers about variations in instructional strategies, problem-solving learning environments, and effective instructional materials.
  • Develop inter-disciplinary activities to mutually benefit mathematics and science education.

Mathematics K-12 Outreach is willing to offer professional development for mathematics educators in a variety of areas.