Instructor Procedures Concerning Students With Disabilities

Fall and Spring Semester Procedures

  • Course Procedures
  • Exam Procedures for Courses with Common Exams
    • Students register for common exams through the Department of Mathematics Accomodated Testing website.  The Undergraduate Services Office manages these exams and processes the scantrons with the rest of the class.
    • Alternate exam dates are handled by the DRC with the Undergraduate Services Office serving as proxy for the instructor.  Instructors receive exams to grade like all other makeup exams.
  • Courses without common exams work exclusively with the DRC to provide testing accomodations. 26500 and 26600 instructors also work with the DRC for their non-common midterms.
    • Students register for your exam through the DRC Testing website
    • You receive an e-mail asking to confirm this exam
    • You send the test materials to the DRC (Electronic, Campus Mail, Walk In options available)
    • Student takes the test at the DRC in a proctored environment.
    • You receive the completed exam
    • See their FAQ for more details


If you can't find the answer to your question on this page, exam procedures page, or student procedures page contact: Jim McClure, 494-1909.