Some notes and talks

Lecture Notes:

- The Mordell conjecture after Bombieri

- Some Groebner basics

- A sequence of talks on GKZ-systems from the 2007 summer school in Aachen:

Uli's Talks:

- Integration, Bernstein--Sato polynomials and Milnor fibers

- Hypergeometric D-modules and cohomology

- A-hypergeometric systems: their holonomic duals

- A-hypergeometric systems: reducibility of the monodromy

- Connectedness in prime characteristic

- Slopes of A-hypergeometric systems

- Newton filtration, semigroup rings, Cohen--Macaulay property

- Bockstein maps and local cohomology

- Bernstein--Sato polynomial, Jacobian, and zeta function

- Annihilators of arrangement powers

Conference notes from IU08 are here.

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