STAT 472: Actuarial Models Fall 2012

Materials forSTAT 472.

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Penney

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Test 1, Wed. Sept. 19, 7:00PM -9:00PM
Test 2, Wednesday, Nov. 14,REC 226 7:00PM -9:00PM

Test Solutions

Test 1
Test 2

Mortality Table in Excel format
Illustrative Life Table
Normal Distribution
All tables from the MLC exam
Important Formulas
Notation for the MLC Exam

Notes on discrete Markov Chains by Jim Daniels

  • Supplemental Material for Text

  • Course Information

  • Jeff Beckley's STAT 490 page

  • Contains much important information such as Errata for the text, Supplemental Readings, etc. This is a MUST VISIT site
    Mortality Table for Select and Ultimate Lecture
    Solutions to Chapter 2 HW
    Solutions to Chapter 3 HW
    Solutions to Chapter 4 HW
    Solutions to Chapter 5 HW
    Solutions to Chapter 6 HW
    Solutions to Chapter 7 HW
    Solutions to Chapter 8 HW
    Solutions to Chapter 10 HW
    Solutions to Chapter 11 HW

    Final Study Material

    Final from 2009, Questions 4,5,7,8,11,12
    Solution to Final from 2009

    STAT 473 Test 1, 2008. All questions except 5. In Question 7 CV denotes ``Cash Value''. It is interpreted as a benefit paid at the end of the year of withdrawal.
    Solution to STAT 473 Test 1, 2008
    (Note the alternate solutions at the end.)
    Jeff Beckley's Quizzes and Final 2011 Final: Ignore Questions 5, 11, 13 (Mortality Table A is found in Jeff's 2011 Quiz 4), Quiz 8, Quiz 7, Quiz 6: Question 2
    Jeff Beckley's Quizzes and Final 2010 Final:Ignore Questions 11-15, Quiz 8: Question 2, Quiz 7: Question 2, Quiz 6: Questions 1 and 2.

    Homework Assignments (Answers are at end)