Algebra, Trigonometry and Pre-calculus Credit Exams

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Credit Policy

  1. In some Colleges there are majors which require MA 15300 as the only mathematics credit. Students who have taken a calculus course at Purdue and then change to a major which requires MA 15300 have satisfied the requirement by default. The Mathematics Department will not allow such students to take credit exams in MA 15300 to obtain 3 additional credit hours toward graduation.
  2. Students transferring from Engineering or other Purdue colleges who have passed a calculus course(s) (MA 16100 and/or MA 16200, for example), whose new college has requirements of MA 15800 are permitted to take the credit exam for MA 15800.
  3. In order to pass the credit exams for these courses a student must obtain a score of at least 70%.
  4. Students only have one try to pass a credit exam for a course.

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