Mathematics Computing

Welcome to the Purdue Department of Mathematics Computing website. Please see the Resource links above, or the growing Frequently Asked Questions page on the department wiki server.

Important Resources

Popular FAQs and summarized answers:

How do I use my Math email account?

The web interfaces for Purdue's Outlook is inmediately available.

How do I change my Math password?

If your current password is valid and known, you can change it by logging into MathNet.

How do I reset my Math password?

If you've forgotten your password, or your account has been locked, you can email, phone 49-44488, or visit Chapman Flack in MATH 805 or Dave LeFevre in MATH 502 for a reset.

How do I use the Math printers?

See Science IT's information on setting up printers.

"Should I ever send my password over email?"  or "Is this a real email?"

No! and Probably not. Feel free to ask, however.