Information for Faculty

Purdue Mathematics Faculty Outreach Summer 2021

Check out the video below for ideas on how you can think about the broader impact of your research in the form of service.

New Faculty Handout

The Instructor Information Quick Reference Sheet document is available on our Sharepoint site; for instructions about how to access the site go to 

Course Descriptions

A copy of our course descriptions is available on our Sharepoint site; for instructions about how to access the site go to

Students of Concern

If you have concerns about the emotional or physical well-being or the behavior of a student, please alert the Office of the Dean of Students.  There is more information and a link to make a report at

Guidelines for online homework systems

Pearson/MyMathLab. Go to


Student Records

You must be FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) certified in order to access myPurdue (Banner) or Blackboard. Certification information and the online test are available at: FERPA Training & Certification

Grade records

  1. You should use Brightspace to keep track of your grades. Go to
  2. You will need to add your grader as an instructor, and they will have to be FERPA certified.

Instructor Procedures Concerning Students With Disabilities

In order to conform to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Department has established procedures to be followed when a student comes forward with a certification letter from the Disability Resource Center (DRC)

See Instructor Procedures Concerning Students With Disabilities for procedures for all semesters and forms.

Historic Grade Distributions

Grade distributions from previous semesters can be found on our sharepoint site.  This link will require your Purdue Career Account username and password.

Room Scheduling Information

Guide to classroom scheduling for special sessions

Conference Planning

Planning timeline and resources