Women in Math Day, Jean E. Rubin Memorial Lecture


Women in Mathematics Day is an annual initiative of the Department of Mathematics. The spirit of this event is to provide an opportunity for women members of the department (faculty  and  students  alike) to interact with each  other and with a prominent female mathematician who delivers the scientific highlight of the day, the Jean E. Rubin Memorial Lecture. The first Women in Mathematics Day was held in fall 2007. This initiative has proven to be an  invaluable asset for the department in terms of recruitment and retention of female graduate students and faculty.

Women in Mathematics Day activities typically include a luncheon for all women members of the department, as well as female faculty members and graduate students from other disciplines at Purdue. The luncheon is followed by an informal meeting during which students and faculty can interact with each other and with the distinguished guest. The day concludes with the Jean E. Rubin Memorial Lecture, a scientific talk geared to a general audience, delivered by the day’s distinguished guest to the entire department and others at Purdue who are interested.