Instructor Procedures Concerning Students With Disabilities

Fall and Spring Semester Procedures

  • Course Procedures
  • Exam Procedures for Courses with Common Exams
      • Students register for common exams through the Department of Mathematics Accommodated Testing website.  The Undergraduate Services Office manages these exams and processes the scantrons with the rest of the class.
      • Students with accommodations that must take exams through the DRC will sign up via the DRC Testing website. The exam, once received by the Undergraduate Services Office, will be graded and returned to the instructor.
  • Courses without common exams work exclusively with the DRC to provide testing accomodations. MA 26500 and MA 26600 instructors also work with the DRC for their non-common midterms.
    • Students will register for your exam through the DRC Testing website
    • Instructors will receive an e-mail which asks for confirmation the student may take the exam
    • Instructors will send the test materials to the DRC (Electronic, Campus Mail, Walk In options available)
    • Students will take the test at the DRC in a proctored environment.
    • Instructors will receive the completed exam
    • See their FAQ for more details


If you can not find the answer to your question on this page, the exam procedures page, or student procedures page contact: Jim McClure, 494-1909.

(Revised 1/15/2019)