Science Calculus Credit Exams

See Advanced Credit Exam information page for information on exam dates and exam registration.

The Science Calculus credit exams are challenging and can only be taken once. No student should attempt to to take these exam without adequate preparation. Study guides for these exams can be found below. The student should also try to do the problems from the text book and old exams posted on the courses web sites.

Credit Policy

  • Students must have credit in MA 16500 in order to take the MA 16600 credit exam.
  • Students must have credit in MA 16600 to take the MA 26100 exam
  • Students must have credit in MA 26100 to take either the MA 26500 or MA 26600 exam.
  • The MA 26600 and MA 26500 exams are independent of each other.

Passing grades for MA 16500 and MA 16600 are 72%. Passing grade for MA 26100 is 72%.

Students only have one try to pass a credit exam for a course.

See the study guide for calculator policy information

Study Guides