63rd Midwest PDE Seminar

The 63rd Fall 2009 Midwest Partial Differential Equations Seminar will be hosted by the Mathematics Department of Purdue University, Saturday through Sunday morning November 7-8.


  • Lia Bronsard, McMaster University. Title: On the mixed state in anisotropic superconductors.
  • Bruce Driver, University of California, San Diego. Title: Integrated Harnack Inequalities.
  • Bo Guan, Ohio State University. Title: Complex Monge-Ampère equation and totally real submanifolds
  • Marta Lewicka, University of Minnesota. Title: Morphogenesis of elastic tissues: scaling laws and limiting theories.
  • Panagiotis Souganidis, University of Chicago. Title: Molecular motors and asymmetric potentials: A homogenization approach
  • Ian Tice, Brown University. Title: Ginzburg-Landau vortex dynamics driven by an applied boundary current.
  • Changyou Wang, University of Kentucky. Title: On two dimensional hydrodynamic flow of liquid crystals.
  • Michael Westdickenberg, Georgia Tech. Title: Optimal Transport for the System of Isentropic Euler Equation.

Seminar Organizers:

  • Patricia Bauman, Purdue University
  • Daniel Phillips, Purdue University
  • Monica Torres, Purdue University

Seminar Coordinator:

  • Julie Morris (Math Department)