Information on Office Hours

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Revised 9/24/2019

Office Hours

TAs assigned to teach their own class or teach recitation must hold office hours. There are two types: common and private.

Common Hours

Common hours are held in MATH 211. TAs should provide assistance to all students. Hours will be assigned automatically by the department. The schedule will be published at on or before Tuesday of the first week of classes. Changes to the schedule will require permission from Phil Mummert ( Permission will only be granted in extraordinary circumstances. The schedule will be finalized at 10:00 am on Friday of the first week of classes.

The following table outlines which courses have common office hours in the Fall and Spring, and how many hours per week are included in a half-time assignment:

Course Hours
MA 15x00, MA 160xx, MA 16100, MA 16200 2
MA 16500, MA 16600, MA 26100 3

MA 13700, 13800, and MA 13900 instructors; limited-term lecturers; and undergraduate student teachers (enrolled in MA 48400) do not hold common office hours. Undergraduate student teachers have the option of applying to be a UTA assigned to the Help Room and should see their MA 48400 instructor for details. Their office hour responsibilities will be outlined during course organizational meetings.

Private Hours

All other courses use private hours held in TAs’ offices. TAs provide assistance only to their own students. Sign-up procedures vary by course and will be outlined by course coordinators.

Office hour absence policy

Common office hours

  1. If you cannot attend one or more of your common office hours please find another graduate student to fill in for you.
  2. Then go to the Main Office, complete a Common Office Hour Change form and submit it to the Main Office secretary, Mrs. Patty Huesca ( | (765) 494-1901 | MATH 835). If you are unable to find a replacement for your office hours you should reschedule your office hours and indicate your rescheduled hours on the Common Office Hour Change form.
  3. If you cannot go to the Main Office in person please email Ms. Huesca to let her know you cannot attend your office hours and supply the following details: your name; the course you teach; your office hour day, time; and the name of your replacement. In your email please cc Ms. Stephanie Foster ( | (765) 494-1991 | MATH 202). 
  4. If you cannot email please call Ms. Huesca.

Private office hours

  1. If you cannot attend one or more of your private office hours, please reschedule the hours. To do this, please see either Mrs. Patty Huesca ( 765-494-1901 in MATH 835 or Ms. Shu-fang Chang ( 765-494-1982 in MATH 630 for a Private Office Hour Change Form. Fill it out and submit it to either one of them.
  2. If you cannot go to the office in person please email the secretary to let her know you cannot attend your office hours and supply the following details: your name and office; the course you teach; and your office hour day and time.
  3. If you cannot email please call. If you do not receive a timely reply during regular business hours, please call one of the other secretaries.