Remote desktop access

Remote desktop access to Math Linux Servers

To start a remote desktop session, point your browser to one of the following links and enter your Math department username and password.

If you have questions or problems, please email

Additional notes during coronavirus response

Remote usage will probably be higher than normal.

The above links will give you a graphical view of your desktop, like what you would see sitting at the computer. Depending on usage, you may see a notice about reaching the department's maximum number of licenses. 

If you are comfortable using Linux from the command line, for example with ssh from a Mac or Linux device, or PuTTY or SecureCRT on Windows, you can connect to the same servers, or, that way, which does not use up a graphical-connection license. For example: 


If there is a Linux machine that you normally use in the department (such as one at your desk), and you know its name, you can ssh to that machine once you are connected to banach or hardy.

Remote desktop access on Mac and Windows