Yilong Zhang (張義龍)

Email: yilongzhang@purdue.edu
Office: Mathematical Sciences Bldg 417

Brief Introduction

I am a Golomb Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Purdue University. My mentor is Donu Arapura. I graduated from The Ohio State University in Spring 2022. My advisor was Herb Clemens.

My research is in algebraic geometry. In particular, I'm interested in Hodge theory and topology of algebraic varieties. Here is my research statement.

Here is my CV.


  • Degeneration of Dual Vareties of Hypersurfaces, arXiv
  • Monodromy of Primitive Vanishing Cycles for Hypersurfaces in P^4, arXiv
  • Extension of the Topological Abel-Jacobi Map for Cubic Threefolds, arXiv
  • Hilbert Scheme of Skew Lines on Cubic Threefolds, arXiv
  • Topological Abel-Jacobi map and Mixed Hodge Structures, to appear in Math. Res. Lett. arXiv

  • Here is my thesis (modified from the original version, with errors fixed).

    Seminar at Purdue

    I am organizing Purdue Algebraic Geometry seminar with Takumi Murayama and Deepam Patel. This semester we also run a classical paper/preprint seminar.

    Upcoming travels/talks

  • May 4-5, University of Arizona, Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry in TUcSon.
  • May 6-10, Ohio State University, Local system in algebraic geometry.
  • May 13-17, University of Michigan, Singularities in Ann Arbor.
  • May 21-23, Northwestern University, algebraic geometry seminar.
  • July 1-12, Stony Brook University, 2nd Simons Math Summer Workshop: Moduli.
  • Teaching

    Spring 2024: MA 351 Elementary Linear Algebra


  • Summer 2024, will lead a REU program (as continuation of the program last year), will mentor a graduate students reading group on algebraic surfaces.
  • Summer 2023, mentored two undergraduate students in REU program. It's about lines on cubic surfaces.
  • Summer 2023, mentored a graduate student in a reading course. The topic is on Riemann Surfaces.
  • Spring 2022, mentored an undergraduate student exploring a "figure-eight" phenomenon in astronomy. Here is my student's poster.
  • Spring 2022, mentored an undergraduate student on Stereographic Projects and Mobius Transformations
  • Notes

  • May 2021, Rationality and Stable Rationality
  • May 2020, O-Minimal Chow's Theorem
  • Dec 2019, Brieskorn's Theorem on Fundamental Groups

  • Last updated on April 22, 2024.