Math Resource Room (MRR) Policies

Students in 15300, 15800, 16010, 16020, 16100, 16200, 16500, 16600, and 26100 can get help with their coursework in the Math Resource Room (MRR) in MATH 211.

The MMR (MATH 211) is open from the first week of classes until the end of Dead Week*.  Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm each day.
*MMR is closed for Purdue University Holidays and Breaks and during Finals Week.

The MRR is staffed primarily by teaching assistants for these courses.

How to Use the MRR

  • To study: Use MATH 211, the Math Library (third floor), or the computer lab (B101).
  • To ask a question: Stand in line in MATH 205 and wait to be called.
  • An instructor will work out a similar question with you. They will not do your exact homework problems. This is more beneficial for you, since it better prepares you for quizzes and exams.

Additional resources:


  • DO attend class to learn the material. The MRR is not a replacement for attending class.
  • DO ask specific questions (e.g. “I know I need to take the derivative, but am having difficulty with the quotient rule”) .
  • DO collaborate with other students.
  • Do NOT ask an instructor to sign a form.
  • Do NOT charge electronics (this is a safety hazard).
  • Do NOT ask an instructor to do your homework for you.
  • Do NOT ask for help for a class not supported by the MRR. The MRR supports MA 15300, MA 15800, MA 16010, MA 16020, MA 16100, MA 16200, MA 16500, MA 16600, and MA 26100.
  • You may be asked to leave if you do not follow the policies of the MRR.

Questions and Complaints

  • LON-CAPA or WebAssign mistakes:  contact the instructor of your section
  • Issues with the MRR: contact the Associate Head of the Mathematics Department, Dr. McClure (Office: MATH 836; Phone: 765-494-1909; email:


Online Homework Systems

See your course webpage for help resources if you have issues with any of these online homework systems

Other Information

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