Tony G. Allen - Teaching

Current Teaching

For Spring 2021, I have a Research Assistantship.

Previous Teaching

  • Fall 2019 - present: Research Assistant
  • Summer 2019: Undergraduate Research Mentor

    Description: Mentored three undergraduate students in their research of neural networks. Gave weekly instructional presentations, topics varying from the basics of linear algebra and scientific computing, to neural networks and hyper-parameter optimizaiton techniques, along with day-to-day project guidance.

  • Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: MRR Supervisor

    Description: Staffed and Supervised the Math Resource Room, an open-floor office hour program. For more information see

  • Summer 2018: Grader for MA 26100 - Multivariate Calculus

    Course Description: Credit Hours: 4.00. Planes, lines, and curves in three dimensions. Differential calculus of several variables; multiple integrals. Introduction to vector calculus.

  • Fall 2017 - Spring 2018: Teaching Assistant for MA 16200 - Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus II

    Course Description: Credit Hours: 5.00. Continuation of MA 16100. Vectors in two and three dimensions, techniques of integration, infinite series, conic sections, polar coordinates, surfaces in three dimensions.