Tony G. Allen - Teaching

Current Teaching

Since Fall 2019, I've had a research assistantship.

Previous Teaching

  • Fall 2019 - present: Research Assistant
  • Summer 2019: Undergraduate Research Mentor

    Description: Mentored three undergraduate students in their research of neural network hyperparameter optimization. Gave weekly instructional presentations, topics varying from the basics of linear algebra and scientific computing, to neural networks and optimization techniques, along with day-to-day project guidance.

  • Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: MRR Supervisor

    Description: Staffed and Supervised the Math Resource Room, an open-floor office hour program. For more information see

  • Summer 2018: Grader for MA 26100 - Multivariate Calculus

    Course Description: Credit Hours: 4.00. Planes, lines, and curves in three dimensions. Differential calculus of several variables; multiple integrals. Introduction to vector calculus.

  • Fall 2017 - Spring 2018: Teaching Assistant for MA 16200 - Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus II

    Course Description: Credit Hours: 5.00. Continuation of MA 16100. Vectors in two and three dimensions, techniques of integration, infinite series, conic sections, polar coordinates, surfaces in three dimensions.