MA 26200: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, Spring 2020

Office hours

Office: MATH 433
Mailbox: MATH 419
Office hours: Tue. 10:30 am- 11:30 am and Fri. 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Important links

Prof. Jianlin Xia's Course Homepage
Course Webpage
Ground Rules

Handwritten Homework

Please follow the instruction on Prof. Xia's webpage(check the left side bar for teaching).
Submitted online on blackboard. No late homework accepted.


We will do quizes in the last 15 mins of class. (Problems and solutions will be posted here)
Quiz 1 and Quiz 1 solution
Quiz 2 and Quiz 2 solution
Quiz 3 and Quiz 3 solution
Quiz 4 and Quiz 4 solution
Quiz 5 and Quiz 5 solution
Quiz 6 and Quiz 6 solution


Exam1: Green Orange Solution

Useful links

Here are some videos I found might be helpful for understanding Vector Spaces.
What is vector space
Independence, Basis, and Dimension