Greg Buzzard, Professor and Head


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Fall 2016: MA 16100 Impact


My research in pure math has been primarily in several complex variables and dynamical systems. For the past several years I've focused on mathematical biology with an emphasis on analyzing dynamical systems and developing algorithms to better understand physiological processes. I have ongoing projects in cardiac modeling, immune system signalling, and embryo development. I'm particularly interested in questions of how changes in local properties (at the ion channel or cellular level) can influence global function and am interested in both theoretical and computational approaches to these questions. I've recently added a project on the design of filters for spectroscopy, which grew in part out of questions related to experiment design for biological systems.

Publications and software

Here are some of my older papers, a CV that includes a full list of publications, and here is some information about software.


I play the violin in the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra and have a black belt in aikido in Lafayette and at Purdue, although playing with two young boys gives me less time for these things than I once had. I have an Erdos number of 3 and a Bacon number of 3.


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