MA 15300, Spring 2013

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Credit Hours: 3.00. Exponents and radicals; algebraic and fractional expressions. Equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations. Polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Not open to students with credit in MA 15900. Not available for credit toward graduation in the School of Science. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.

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MA 15300 001 UNIV 119 7:30am MWF Weigandt, Jamie MATH 1048
MA 15300 011 UNIV 119 8:30am MWF Weigandt, Jamie MATH 1048
MA 15300 031 MATH 175 10:30am MWF Bailey, Charlotte MATH 802
MA 15300 061 LILY G126 1:30pm MWF Devlin, Patrick MATH 804
MA 15300 071 UNIV 017 2:30pm MWF Kim, Bumsik MATH G134
MA 15300 081 UNIV 017 3:30pm MWF Kim, Bumsik MATH G134

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