MA 22100, Spring 2013

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Credit Hours: 3.00. MA 22100-22200 is a two-semester sequence in the technique of calculus for students enrolled in certain technical curricula. Not available for credit toward graduation in the School of Science. Prerequisite: demonstrated compentence in algebra and trigonometry. Typically offered Fall Spring.

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MA 22100 051 PHYS 202 12:30pm MWF Sosa, Gabriel MATH 617
MA 22100 061 PHYS 202 1:30pm MWF Sosa, Gabriel MATH 617
MA 22100 071 PHYS 202 2:30pm MWF Lucas, Jason MATH 607
MA 22100 081 PHYS 202 3:30pm MWF Lucas, Jason MATH 607
MA 22100 091 PHYS 202 4:30pm MWF Noparstak, Jacob MATH 617

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